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Rear Panel

Audio/Video features

  • Supports HDMI interface with HDCP protocol output for consumer electronic home appliances.
  • Supports Dual video output that can be connect to LCD, HDTV, TV and CRT.
  • Excellent performance with full 1080p high definition video playback ability.
  • 7.1 channel High definition audio output.
  • Provides 24bit LVDS connector for application market. (Option)
  • Provides digital audio S/PDIF input and output by converter.

Performance features

  • Supports Socket P Intel® Core™ 2 Duo (Penryn Quad/Dual Core) and Celeron™ CPU with 800/1066MHz FSB.
  • Intel® GM45+ICH9M chipset with GMA X4500 graphics engine, supports Microsoft® DirectX™ 10.
  • Supports dual channel SO-DIMM DDR-II 667/800MHz memory up to 4GB.
  • Built-in highly performance H.264 video decoder.

Extension features

  • Supports three SATA 2.0 connectors for internal hard disk drive.
  • Provided e-SATA connector for external device such as hard disk drive or optical drive.
  • Provided eight USB 2.0 ports for easy connect to most peripherals. ( On board x 2 / Front panel x 2 /
    Rear panel x 4 )
  • Two mini Card slots for function extension, such as Intel® Turbo memory, TV tuner and wireless module.
S-ATAII Connectors
Intel ICH9M
IEEE 1394 Connector
Mini Card Connector
S-ATAII Connector
TV-Out Connector
Mini Card Connector
USB2.0 Connectors
Socket P Supports
Intel Core 2 Duo
(Penryn Quad/Dual Core)
/Celeron CPU
200 pin SODIMM x 2
Support DDRII 667/800 MHz Maxinunm to 4GB
Intel GM45
24 bits LVDS Connector
LVDS_INV Connector
  RJ45 LAN Jack Port
19V DC Adapter
Line In (S/PDIF in)
Rear SUR (S/PDIF Out)
Speaker Out
Side SUR
  DVI Port HDMI Connector E-SATA USB 2.0 Ports

mini-ITX Computer Housing
  • Volume : 2.63L
  • Dimensions : 69.5mm x 180mm x 197mm
  • Supports Intel MBs :
    D201GLY and D945GCLF
  • Power Solution : Internal DC Board +
    External Adapter (65W)
  • Supports 2.5” HDD x 1
  • Supports VESA Mount Bracket
  • Excellent Thermal Solution
  • Volume : 3.16L
  • Dimensions : 82.5mm x 192mm x 194mm
  • Supports Intel MBs : D201GLY,
    D945GCLF, DG45FC and DQ45EK
  • Power Solution : Mini Internal DC Board
    + External Adapter (120W)
  • Supports VESA Mount Bracket
  • Supports Slim ODD for Mobile CPU Series
  • Aluminum Chassis and Panel
  • Volume : 2.82L
  • Dimensions : 78mm x 190mm x 190mm
  • Stackable Small Form Factor Chassis
    for mini-ITX Systems
  • Flexible Assembly : Forms Range from
    2.9L – 6.9L for Various Applications
  • Laminated Construction
  • Excellent Thermal & EMI Solutions
  • Volume : 6.78L
  • Dimensions : 60mm x 220mm x 320mm
  • Supports Intel MBs :
    D201GLY and D945GCLF
  • Power Solution : Mini Internal DC Board
    + External Adapter (84W)
  • Supports VESA Mount Bracket
  • Supports Slim ODD x 1 and 3.5” HDD x 1
CPU:Socket P
Support Intel Core 2 Duo (Penryn) and Celeron Processor
FSB 800/1066 MHz
Chipset:Intel GM45 Chipset
Intel ICH9M
Main Memory :Dual Channel Mode
SO DIMM Type : 256/512MB/1GB & 2GB
Max Memory : 4GB
Note : Max hardware structure. System will not detected to 4GB due to chipset limitation.
Super I/O:Winbond
Clock Gen.:Realtek
Graphics:Chip : Intel GMA X4500MHD
Video Port : DVI-I X 1
Storage:Integrated Serial ATA Controller
LAN:Integrated Intel Gigabit LAN Controller
Audio:Integrated Controller : Integrated Intel High Definition Audio
Chip : Realtek ALC888 HD Audio CODEC on-Board
7.1 Channel and above
USB:Integrated in chipset
USB 2.0 Port x 8
Expansion Slots:PCI Express mini Card x 2
Back Panel I/O Port:HDMI Port x 1
AC Adapter Connector x 1
DVI Port x 1
USB 2.0 Port x 4
RJ45 LAN Port x 1
Line_In / SPDIF_In x 1
Speaker_Out x 1
MIC_In x 1
Center / Subwoofer x 1
Rear Surround / SPDIF_Out x 1
Side Surround x 1
On Board I/O Connector:Serial ATA II Connector x 3
4-pin 5V Output Connector x 1 (for Hard Disk / Optical Drive)
CPU FAN Connector x 1
System FAN Connector x 1
Case Open Connector x 1
Front Panel Connector x 1
Front Audio Connector x 1
LVDS Connector x 1
CD_IN Connector x 1
USB Connector x 2 (supports USB port x 4)
COM Connector x 1
BIOS:Award PnP 4Mb Flash ROM BIOS
Form Factor:mini iTX
Board Size:170 mm x 170 mm
Software & Utility:Acrobat Reader
EzInstall utility
EzWinFlash utility
Accessory:135W Power Adapter (19V, 7.11A) x 1
Power Cord x 1
CPU Cooler x 1
Serial ATA cable x 1
Serial ATA Power cable x 1
4-pin power cable x 1
DVI-to-VGA converter x 1
S/PDIF Converter x 1
Back Panel I/O Shield x 1
Bonus Pack CD disc x 1
Easy Installation Guide x 1