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EIG/DIY Guide English 5/19/2006
82.0 KB
Instruction to configure Distinctive Ring on FaxTalk

English 4/27/2006
29.2 KB
Rough diagram- cable connection from modem card to sound card and motherboard

Driver English 9/9/2005
2151.9 KB
North and Latin America Territory, Windows 64 bit driver

OS Support:WinXP
Manual English 4/22/2004
933.3 KB
Conexant‘s AT Command.

Product Image English 3/10/2003
17.4 KB
Enlarged Picture For fm56-exv

OS Support:DOS,Linux,Netware,Win.NET(32bit),Win.NET(64bit),Win2000,Win3.1,Win95,Win98,Win98SE,WinME,WinNT,WinXP
Manual English 11/18/2002
419.0 KB
Installation guide.

Driver R10.3B 10/9/2001
24.0 KB
WinNT Driver

OS Support:WinNT
R10.4A 12/13/2001
4.4 KB
WinNT Driver

OS Support:WinNT
R10.3B 10/9/2001
24.0 KB
Win2000/XP driver

OS Support:Win2000,WinXP
R10.4A 12/13/2001
4.5 KB
Win2000/XP driver

OS Support:Win2000,WinXP
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